Bad Shopify conversions ? The 10 mistakes to avoid that drive your visitors away

Not everyone is a web designer when they create a Shopify store. This is the great strength of this e-commerce platform. Nevertheless, it is good to remember the best practices to have a professional website and get out of the “basic dropshipper” image. It goes through small details, sometimes insignificant for novices, but which make all the difference to comfort your prospect in his buying process. We listed the 10 recurring errors on a Shopify site. Did you avoid them?

A bad graphic chart

We regularly talk about it in our site optimization articles: the graphic chart.

It corresponds to the choice of typographies and colors for the identity of your site, your brand.

The idea is to respect the same color codes on all your pages to look professional. And this, on all your communication media (social network accounts, emails, invoices, etc.) so that they become part of the memory of your visitors. But they can’t be chosen just any way. There are rules to respect: no more than 3 colors, including a neutral one like white and black. And 2 typographies (forget the serif or calligraphic models which diminish the legibility and comprehension of your texts).

Free sites like help you choose your color combinations.

Misuse of trust badges

If they reassure your prospects, the abuse of trust badges can serve you badly. You don’t have to put them everywhere. First of all, Internet users know how to check if a site is secure with HTTPs in the URL.

In addition, over-emphasizing these logos makes you question the seriousness of your store. Often imposing, these trust badges are inconsistent with the design of your site.

Especially since there are other ways to display data protection guarantees or fast delivery. An example is the HTML sections with pre-configured and customizable icons to underline the reliability of your e-shop.

Use of countdowns and fake emergencies

Timer, display of the remaining stock, number of visitors on the site or the live order pop-ups… So many false emergencies that are no longer credible in the eyes of Internet users. Quickly associated with the stores of bad qualities because they are false. In addition, these features are prohibited in some countries (or allowed exceptionally for real limited time offers.).

Complicated navigation

Do you like the feeling of being lost on a website? Neither do your visitors. In the structure of a site, go to simplicity. Think logic and clarity.

  • Lighten your menu with a minimum of collections. Classify your products in obvious categories. But avoid the accumulation of sub-menus if it is not necessary.
  • Give precise titles to your product catalogs. In addition to making it easier for your visitors to search, your pages will be better indexed. For stores with more than 100 items, use mega-menu type structures to display your collections.

The excess of applications

It is always tempting to add applications that help with the conversion and optimization of your e-commerce site. But not at the expense of its performance. So, select efficient plugins and make sure they don’t impact the speed of the shop. If page load times increase, you will lose visitors.

Too many choices…

While it is advisable to have a choice in a multi-product site, some items display a staggering number of sizes and colors. It is useless to offer them all. Just select the most popular ones.

This advice also applies to your offers. How to choose between a Bundle or an Up-sell on the same product? If you want to increase the average basket, suggest only one offer. A sales tunnel should remain a simple and fast experience for your customer. If he is constantly disturbed in his buying decision. He may become annoyed and leave the site.

Neglect product descriptions

Are you attracted to Amazon or Aliexpress product sheets? Impersonal and sometimes incomprehensible, we often wonder about the usefulness of the proposed article… So, do not copy the information provided by your supplier. Instead, research the concrete benefits of your product and tell how this article is indispensable for your customer. How it will relieve him, help him, save him time or money…

It takes a minimum of argument to convince. Depending on the technicality of the product and your desire to optimize your page in SEO, each entry must contain between 150 and 300 words minimum.

If you have neither the time nor the writing skills, call on a professional. He will know how to transform and optimize your descriptions to seduce your visitors and Google.

Make the pages of the site heavier

If a well designed site plays on the visuals with high quality images and demonstrative videos, be careful not to make your site’s pages heavy, at the risk of increasing its loading speed. Before importing images, check their weight and, if necessary, use tools to reduce the size of your content.

  • Note that a standard page should weigh between 1 and 2 MB.
  • Prefer to use YouTube videos that are easy to integrate rather than gifs.
  • Check your performance rating on software such as GTmetrix.

Excess of pop-ups

What could be more annoying than pop-ups jumping on the screen in the first few seconds of navigation? Aggressive and unsuitable, e-mail captures and newsletter subscriptions must, on the contrary, adapt to the maturity of your Internet user. To do this, tools such as Optimonk offer to personalize pop-ups according to the page consulted. For example, program a welcome discount when your customer leaves the order page and offer newsletters to the customer who finishes reading a blog article.

Include text in visuals

You like to make creative banners to illustrate your content? Then don’t insert any text. Rather use the titles and subtitles of the personalization sections to gain SEO optimization. More precisely on the carousel where the H1 and H2 correspond to the hierarchy tags that are essential to reference your site.


With this list of 10 errors in mind, you know which axes to work on to improve your Shopify site and regain the heart of your target audience. Of course, that’s not all. If you want to improve the branding of your store, try the Speedfly theme, you will have a hard time finding anything better!

Continue to improve your store with our advice on how to create your brand and how to optimize your Shopify store.

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